Backyard Movie Packages

Turn your backyard into your own open air cinema. Our outdoor theatre systems are perfect for a wide variety of events, from a backyard family gathering to a corporate event and everything in between! Weddings, Birthday Parties, Fund Raisers, Sporting events...the possibilities are endless!

Choice of Screen Size

With three sizes to choose from we'll make sure your screen is a perfect fit for your outdoor space

Available screen sizes: 6FT, 10FT and 20FT

Sound System

We'll match your screen selection with the appropriate sound system, ranging from an intimate solo set up to a yard shaking, high powered professional sound system!
Backyard Movie Packages start at $200
At least three (3) separate 110V 15A receptacles required for sound system, screen (if applicable) and projector electronics.
A movie license is necessary for most public film screenings. No licensing is needed for private backyard events.